Solum Cosmonauter acid blobs and spikes


Awoken amidst the chaos of sirens and warnings, you must survive to reach a remaining escape pod while avoiding various hazards and trying to uncover more about what happened to you and your failing colony ship.

Cosmonauter is a top-down indie action game with a backstory.

Survival in space has never been more challenging

  • Escape critical conditions from the ship that was supposed to ferry you to a new world
  • Avoid various hazards by mastering tight controls and inertia
  • Train hand-eye coordination
  • Best and win challenging levels
  • Discover the story behind what happened to the colony ship
  • Easy to play, hard to master… hard but fair


The game is currently in development, but you can try a demo version at


  • My father is my greatest fan
  • A friend said “it’s very involving”
  • Discord:

Cosmonauter Testimonial 1

Cosmonauter Testimonial 2

Cosmonauter Testimonial 2