Cosmonauter advancement

I am happy to announce that Cosmonauter is advancing nicely and if I manage to maintain the current pace I should be able to produce a demo in about a month or so. For now I will just post a new and improved sprite of our hero.

Cosmonauter Improved Sprite

The Witcher and memories of older games

A few weeks back two friends came to visit, and while we were spending some quality time in isolation we decided to start watching “The Witcher” series on Netflix. Although I had heard of that fantasy universe and I own all the games, this was my first contact with it. Even though the plot was a little bit convoluted with all the different mixed timelines, I enjoyed the series, probably mostly because of Henry Cavill’s performance, so after I was done with it I decided to go ahead and delve into the games. And here’s the thing - I hadn’t even finished installing the first game when I surprised myself browsing the faqs on Gamefaqs.

And then I remembered my first contact with pc gaming, when I was just a kid and my dad would take me with him to work because they had a 4.86 pc there with a VGA crt monitor and I could enjoy the few games someone had installed there - old titles like “Prince of Persia”, “Loom” and “The Secret of Monkey Island”. I would just start playing and get completely lost in those games - admiring every pixel and piece of dialogue.

And even though my grasp of the English language wasn’t that good back then, I still hanged in there and kept trying all possible things to keep advancing. It was amazing and I still remember those days and those plays very fondly. Fast forward to today when I just start a podcast and a guide and I complete a game without feeling that sense of wonder or discovery of days past before moving on to the next.

The Solution

It makes me sad really - there are a lot of games that would probably create the same feelings from back then if only I had given them a chance. So I decided to change the way that I play - no other activity will be going on in the background unless I just chill out in a game without a story or very interesting play style (like wow or an infinite clicker), no more cheating or using guides or walkthroughs. Hopefully, this will bring back some of the magic.