My first ever game jam - “Jam de casa”

Because I started missing actually working on a game - getting my hands dirty with code and graphics and all that good stuff - and being presented with an opportunity to contribute to a good cause I decided to join this game jam. I had never been to something like this before, nor any hackathons or other such events, so it was all new to me.

It turns out that it’s not something all that special. The only difference from normal working conditions, at least for me, was that now I had the shortest time limit I had ever taken on - 5 days.

For the level I am at with game development this was an uphill battle from the start, but just to be sure it was going to be something really difficult I also brought a new puppy at home from a shelter. Her name is Nala and she is great, but she is a lot of work and needs a lot of my attention. So my 5 days were more like 3.

The game I managed to put together in a playable state, with an objective and an ending but no sound is far from bug-free or from an achievement, but I decided to publish it here and on because even though it is not something I am very proud of, it is a stepping stone for me. And I do feel some pride knowing that out of the 261 participants, only 72 actually delivered finished games.

I would also like to mention that the organizers did a really nice job of it all, so I guess this is my way of thanking them and congratulating the other participants.