What this is all about

This article will mostly hold links and summaries towards other articles on the subject of indie game development. Wether we are talking about lessons I’ve learned or interesting things I’ve discovered or good practices, I will try to group everything here.

Automated testing

This topic is what prompted me to create this entire site - I just wanted to have a public place where to post about the knowledge I am trying to master. The first article I ever wrote is about testing in unity. I do plan to revisit the subject in depth now that I have actually adopted TDD for my latest project.

Game jams

Jam de casa 2020

I only participated in one game jam, but it was a good experience that I would really like to repeat some time in the future. This is how it all went down.

Feature creep

One of the toughest parts about game dev-ing on your own is that it’s really hard to stop your imagination or ideas from bogging down your projects. There should always be some rational part of your mind to stop such things, but that’s really hard to master. As I experience this a lot, I thought I would share some of it.