Happy New Year!

Although we are not off to a very good start, I hope this year will be better than the last for everyone.

Cosmonauter v0.9.2

This will be a pure blog post for my current project, so I will focus on what I’ve implemented in the latest release (a demo can be played on itch ). For a condensed list of all solum cosmonauter updates, check out my new hub post.


  • added pause/resume when pressing ‘P’ so there’s not only ‘Esc’ (which cancels fullscreen on itch)
  • multiple graphics improvements
  • added an exhaust effect for the cosmonauter when moving forward (most requested feature) Cosmonauter Forward Exhaust
  • added a music track and music volume controls for story mode
  • added yet another thing that can kill you - a laser Laser
  • new story mode level that introduces the game’s plot
  • added a way to actually tell the story (through terminals that display text messages) Terminal
  • and many more

Check it out and let me know what you think: