Cosmonauter is born!

What started like another learning project has abruptly turned into my first commercial endeavour. I don’t know what happened, but while I was planning how to build a frogger clone, some hidden voice inside just popped up and said “Why don’t you try to go all the way with this one?”. And since I could not find a good answer I just said “Sure, let’s do this!”. And thus, cosmonauter was born. I am still trying to keep true to the original plan and build something in the vein of good old frogger, but to be honest I am already feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the ideas I am trying to implement (feature creep anyone?).

I have already completed a prototype and have gathered some encouraging feedback from about 30 good souls that were kind enough to try it, so now I am diving into the meat and bones of it all - sprites, animations, sfx, some ui elements and tweaking it based on what the testers had to say.

Cosmonauter prototype

I would also like to try to add more updates, but can’t make any promises just yet.